Arrest Early Caries In Between Teeth

Icon’s revolutionary infiltration system has been shown to effectively block early-stage caries that live in between teeth, also known as interproximal caries. Now, there is a less-invasive solution to treat these early caries in just one visit.

The earlier the better, the sooner the less invasive

Caries, or early tooth decay, often start in the interdental spaces between teeth because they are difficult for toothbrushes to reach. These areas are difficult for the dentist to treat, too. Once it reaches a certain stage, drilling is needed, and healthy tooth substance is always destroyed in the process.

If interproximal caries are detected ahead of time, Icon is the less invasive solution.

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Icon Proximal

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    Arrest the progression of early caries in between teeth

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    Preserve healthy tooth structure

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    No anesthesia or drilling

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    One quick and simple patient visit

Drilling &

Disadvantages of traditional treatment


Naturally, few patients enjoy having their teeth drilled.

Not only is caries treatment by drill and fill unpleasant, to prepare the afflicted area for the restoration, healthy tooth substance must also be “drilled out” and is lost.

The ratio of caries to destroyed healthy tooth structure is extremely unfavorable, particularly for treatments in the interproximal area.

Preservation Instead
of Destruction

Infiltration treatment with Icon


Cariogenic acids attack the enamel and draw out minerals. The tooth becomes porous.

After being prepared with an etching gel, liquid resin is applied, which penetrates into the porous tooth tissue. The Icon infiltrant is then cured under light.


The porous tissue is then filled and sealed. Acids cannot remove any more minerals, the onset of caries is stopped – before a hole can form.

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